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Ideas for Using NewsPrism in Your Classroom

· Use NewsPrism as a starting point for easy access to media outlets.

· Compare homepages of media outlets. Homepages reflect the priorities and editorial spin of the media outlet. Select two or more sources and compare the headlines.

· Study news articles on the same topic from a variety of perspectives.

· Analyze news articles for media bias. What is the difference between a straight news story and an opinion piece? How might a writer insert an opinion into an article that is supposed to be a straight news story?

· Compare straight news stories with commentary or opinion pieces. How are they different?

· Compare Right-leaning sources with Left-leaning sources. How are they different? Why are they different?

· Fact check articles against statistical data

· Debate current events using news stories and commentaries as sources

· Reference resources for papers

· Discuss the problem of the media echo chamber and its affect on opinion. Give examples.

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